Data Scientist

Job Descriptions:

  • Analyze a large amount of information to discover a pattern
  • Create a hypothesis using our information. When we don’t have the information, propose a way to capture and extract the needed data for stakeholders
  • Designing and developing various machine learning solutions to improve the users experience, and enhance the efficiency of the working process
  • Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes.
  • Set and maintain the groundwork and data infrastructure for a longer-term growth of the company
  • End-to-end data science execution including scoping, building, testing, implementation, maintenance, tracking and optimization of predictive models
  • Extract and manipulate data from a variety of sources and apply the appropriate pre-processing treatments for analysis


Job Requirements:

  • Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree and above. All majors are welcome, but preferably computer science or other quantitative backgrounds
  • Minimum 2-3  years working experiences as a Data Scientist
  • Deep understanding of Python and SQL
  • Proficient in applying data science and machine learning methods to real-world problems
  • Ability to build end to end pipelines and create python scripts for model deployment
  • Experienced in predictive modeling/ operation research/ revenue optimization
  • Excellent in analytical skill and problem-solving
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Able to work in a team and under pressure



Software Engineer

Job Description:

  • Design and develop scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant line of the business web applications.
  • Test software systems, modules, or applications for software enhancements and new products including cloud-based or internet-related tools.
  • Write maintainable and clean codes, and be able to follow company code standards.
  • Analyze requirements and design new functionality.
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
  • Integrate and build solutions through automation and coding.
  • Support and fix existing functionality to maintain technical program, end user documentation, and operational procedures

Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science/Information Technology, Electrical/Electrical Engineering or Mathematics is preferred
  • Have good problem solving and believes in test-driven development
  • Proficiency with fundamental front-end web programming language such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiar with one or more programming languages such as ASP.NET, C#, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go-Lang, Java, or PHP
  • Experienced in dealing with database (SQL and no-SQL) including Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Enjoy working in a team and able to work with a deadline
  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia



Strategic Planner

Job Descriptions:

  • Assess and understand the company’s goals to develop strategic objectives for the near-term and long-term
  • Identify areas where improvements can be made in the company and generate high-impact strategic vision, goals, and objectives through data-driven strategic business plans
  • Research industry trends and conduct market research to develop a detailed business plan for each initiative/product
  • Maintain competitive advantage and allocate resources appropriately. Identify resource investments and integrate these into the company’s operating and capital budgeting processes
  • Provide support and insight into significant organizational changes
  • Conduct forecasts and analytical models with up to date information to ensure delivery of customer-focused tech support
  • Prepare and present reports on strategy ideas for senior management

Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, or related fields
  • Prior 1-3 years experience as a Strategic Planner or Business Analyst; experience in project management would be an advantage
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of industry strategies, business operations, and procedures
  • Ability to strategic thinking and problem-solving
  • Excellent presentation skills (writing and visual), ability to weave ideas into stories and interpret relevant data
  • Creative, organizational, and leadership skills to work in a team
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia


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