A knowledge management system serves as a middleware between your information base and your business goals. This technology is made to be your reliable partner in enhancing your organizational performance, offering end-to-end solutions in collating, managing, and processing the information your organization has collected over the years.

Increase your ability to store and collect information. Digitizing hard documents allows for more volumes of information to be processed and stored. This will help to create and collate a more comprehensive data bank.

Instantly accessible “machine memories”, greatly reducing the time it takes to create links between the past, present and future information.

Designed to be scalable, flexible, and performs well with various datalakes, ensuring no memories left behind as long as they’re accessible in the system

In this day of rapid information flow, it is no longer feasible. This is where our Libris module comes in, increasing the rate in which your hard documents are digitized and stored in the database. Its machine learning ability will rapidly do this and label your documents for easier use in the future.

The next step in the process, would be to understand the information from your documents. The Cognito module steps in on this stage, helping you to extract the relevant knowledge from your digitized documents and collating them to make it easier to utilize.

The final step would be to gauge whether the system has provided you with the desired results. By using the Oculo module, users will be provided with a user-friendly interface that will present its findings, allowing the user to parse and sift through anytime, anywhere.