Information analysis and knowledge production system, delivered to your desk interactively, ensuring efficient knowledge production pipeline for any organizations regardless of scale and complexity. Seamless system performance enhanced the capacity of your analysts and ensuring that no knowledge is left behind in their analytic pipeline

Insight AI is designed to facilitate knowledge discovery by learning the relationships between facts that it has found to help and work together with the users.


Benefits of Insight AI:
Augment and support your analysts in creating better, more accurate prediction models.

The automation and learning capability of Insight will be a valuable partner for your analysts, increasing the rate in which analysts will be able to work with prediction models. Automate the ability to constantly learn and parse new knowledge, uncovering hidden links and relations to your team.

This process is always optimized through the user-feedback system that is built into the AI. Insight AI allows users to invest time in evaluating and validating hypotheses and test scenarios, rather than spending time and effort in developing models.

This will allow users to not just keep up with the rapid inflow of information, but stay ahead of the curve in terms of prediction model and threat assessments.